Why You Should Switch From Marketo To HubSpot

Joshua Beckham

A New Solution

Choosing the right marketing automation tool can make or break your business's ability to scale efficiently and maintain strong customer relationships. While Marketo has been a reliable name in the marketing space, it falls short in providing a holistic business solution. If you're looking for a more integrated approach to marketing, sales, service, and customer experience, it might be time you switch to HubSpot.

Holistic Business Management

Marketo focuses on email marketing and needs multiple integrations for a full marketing suite, while HubSpot covers all areas of a business's operations. HubSpot lets you manage marketing, sales, and service in one place, ensuring smooth interactions across all customer touchpoints. This unified approach simplifies workflows and enhances the customer experience. With features like live chat, email marketing, advanced CRM, and detailed analytics, HubSpot provides everything needed to nurture relationships at every stage. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, HubSpot grows with you. HubSpot is divided into five 'Hubs' (Marketing, Sales, Service, Content, and Operations), each designed for specific needs. These hubs work independently but are most effective together, boosting efficiency and growth. HubSpot is also known for its adaptability and user-friendly interface. Each hub has highly customizable tools tailored to your business's unique needs, making it easy to manage campaigns, track performance, and optimize operations without needing extensive technical skills.

Affordability and Access

Unlike Marketo, HubSpot offers transparent pricing for each of its hubs. Starting at $45 a month for the Starter package, businesses get access to a suite of marketing tools including email marketing, landing pages, and live chat. For those not ready to spend, HubSpot has a free version of Marketing Hub, providing essential tools like contact management and ad management. This is perfect for startups and small businesses, as they can start with inbound marketing without any initial cost. There's a stark difference when comparing HubSpot’s Professional and Enterprise tiers to Marketo's. For $800 per month, HubSpot’s Professional tier offers omni-channel marketing automation, custom workflows, and account-based marketing, plus a suite of analytics tools for deeper insights into campaign performance and customer behavior. These features allow businesses to run advanced marketing strategies at a fraction of the cost of Marketo.

Support and Community Engagement

HubSpot stands out with its exceptional customer service. It offers comprehensive support options, including direct contact methods and an internal ticketing system for quick problem resolution. HubSpot Academy provides valuable educational resources, while the community forum offers peer support, creating a collaborative learning environment. Unlike Marketo's tiered support system, HubSpot provides extensive support to all users, enhancing the overall experience and allowing businesses to focus on growth rather than platform issues.

Case Study

When Marq was acquired by a private equity firm, it had to choose between cloning its parent company’s complex tech stack or starting fresh. With only 90 days to implement, Marq decided against the resource-intensive stack, which included Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, and other tools needing significant admin support. Instead, they chose HubSpot for its comprehensive capabilities in sales, marketing, service, and operations. The transition was smooth, with no sales downtime, and Marq’s teams quickly adapted to HubSpot's user-friendly interface, reducing the need for extensive admin resources. Switching to HubSpot also enabled Marq to maintain a large, cost-effective database, integrate real-time product data, and achieve about 50% in cost savings compared to their previous setup (source).


Switching from Marketo to HubSpot can significantly enhance your business operations. HubSpot's all-in-one platform offers powerful tools for marketing, sales, service, and operations, providing seamless integration and improved visibility across all areas. With clear pricing, top-notch customer support, and valuable educational resources, HubSpot stands out as a superior choice for businesses of any size. Marq's success story demonstrates how HubSpot can streamline processes, cut costs, and drive growth. If you're looking to optimize your tech stack and achieve your business goals more efficiently, now is the perfect time to switch to HubSpot.

Ready To Switch?

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