Analytics & Attribution Dashboards for B2B Brands

Integrate Data from Every Campaign into a Reporting Dashboard that’s Easy to Understand

Increase growth potential by better understanding your audience's preferences and behaviors using enriched data, machine learning and visualized via custom dashboards
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Demand Machine Delivers:

  • Custom Analytics Solutions
  • Complex Database Queries
  • Sophisticated Data Insights
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Custom Dashboards / Data Visualization
  • Review and Refine
Problems we solve

Demand Machine are Experts In:

Conversion Rate Optimization

Validate hypotheses through multivariate and A/B split testing to improve ROI

Lead Targeting and Scoring

Combine internal KPI's and lead criteria into dynamic scoring systems to improve sales marketing and sales efficiencies.

Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Ongoing link building to secure authoritative backlinks to high priority content assets

Offline Conversion Tracking

Connect offline CRM data to ad platforms to improve lead quality and increase pipeline velocity.

Metrics Our Clients Have Achieved

Increase in Pipeline value
Within 12 months
Increase Organic Traffic
Within 12 months
Shorten Sales Cycle
Within 12 months