HubSpot Acquires Clearbit: Customer Insights Improved

Brodie Schroeder

Recently, Clearbit announced that it has entered a definitive agreement to be acquired by HubSpot. For nearly two decades, HubSpot has developed a comprehensive customer platform for sales, marketing, and service, powered by its Smart CRM that integrates various customer interaction data into a singular, streamlined record. Both companies realized that the platform was ideally positioned for enhancement with Clearbit's detailed data. The initiative to join forces, sparked by mutual beliefs and HubSpot's proposal, is set to enrich customer insights significantly.

Leveraging Data for Enhanced Customer Engagement

So what does this mean for businesses using HubSpot? Well for starters, the acquisition of Clearbit marks a significant step forward in using customer data more effectively. This collaboration is set to supercharge HubSpot's data ecosystem, enabling businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customer base. By integrating Clearbit's elaborate data, HubSpot users can now predict customer behavior with unprecedented accuracy, leading to smarter decisions and more targeted marketing strategies. This move not only enhances HubSpot’s capability to tailor communication and product development, but also aligns with the evolving needs of their target audience.

Synergizing AI and CRM for Advanced Customer Insights

With HubSpot acquiring Clearbit, the integration of Clearbit’s data into HubSpot brings a new and improved approach to managing customer relationships. This development represents a strategic shift towards more dynamic business strategies, focusing on identifying valuable leads and leveraging AI for marketing. This combination of AI and CRM enhances customer interactions with personalized experiences, significantly increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Why Clearbit Stands Out

Clearbit is the first HubSpot native data provider. Through the gathering of public data from the web, their proprietary data, and power of LLMs, users can convert unstructured information into standardized datasets. Clearbit allows you to access clean and data with unmatched accuracy that B2B teams need to go-to-market.‍

Use Cases


Zenefits successfully leveraged Facebook's vast user base for B2B marketing by utilizing Clearbit Advertising. Clearbit provided precise targeting capabilities that Facebook's native options lacked, especially for reaching larger companies that could potentially offer greater annual contract value. The result was a notable 33% increase in the median size of companies reached and a 20% boost in conversion rates to qualified leads, achieving more efficient ad spend compared to the costlier LinkedIn platform. Yuri Daniels, Director of Performance Marketing at Zenefits, had high praise for Clearbit. He stated, "Clearbit Advertising helps to strengthen Facebook to perform better with cleaner data and better targeting. It makes me feel powerful" (source).


Posit, aiming to generate new demand beyond its passionate early adopters, shifted strategies from traditional lead gen to a comprehensive multichannel approach. This approach focused on massive awareness and cost-effective lead generation. Utilizing Clearbit Advertising for precise targeting on Facebook and Instagram, Posit achieved significant results: a 6x increase in qualified site traffic, 2x qualified leads, and $500K in deals closed from Facebook ads. Posit’s Head of Demand Generation, Robert Bethell, said “I can (now) be confident that we are putting digital dollars into targeting accounts that we know will have an impact on our sales metrics” (source).‍

Getting More Out of HubSpot

This acquisition of Clearbit by HubSpot represents a major change in the way businesses can use customer data and insights. This collaboration paves the way for a future where AI, detailed data collection, and a strong customer management platform come together to enhance marketing efforts. For businesses, this means getting valuable insights on a massive scale, leading to more personalized and impactful customer interactions.

The opportunities for growth in the digital market are endless for those ready to take advantage. If your business is ready to capitalize on these opportunities, contact us today to get started! Here at Demand Machine we specialize in helping businesses get the most out of their use of the HubSpot CRM.


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