HubSpot Product Announcements Made at INBOUND 2023

Brodie Schroeder

Recently, our team had the pleasure of attending the INBOUND conference, a beacon for marketers, salespeople, and customer service professionals alike. Here, HubSpot rolled out a series of product updates that promise to reshape the future of customer-centric business strategies. Get ready as we unravel the details and implications of these game-changing announcements.  


Marketing Hub  

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Marketing Hub's Newest Features!  

In today's fast-paced digital era, having robust and versatile tools is crucial for marketing success. That's where HubSpot's Marketing Hub steps in! HubSpot revealed an abundance of powerful new features tailored to marketers’ needs:  


Many Messaging: Dive into the world of SMS marketing with these features:  

  • Broadcast Messaging: Quickly send out messages to both current and potential customers.  
  • Unified Data Approach: Combine the might of HubSpot's data with SMS for reminders, offers, and updates. Integrating landing pages and meeting links within your SMS is now a breeze.  
  • AI-powered Slash and Highlight Commands: Easily generate content or modify existing text for a variety of purposes within the SMS editor.  
  • SMS Automation: Design workflows that react to customer behaviors, ensuring timely and relevant communication.  
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Stay in the know with analytics tracking opt-out rates, clicks, replies, and more.  
  • Usage Tracking: Get proactive updates on remaining message counts, ensuring seamless campaign planning.  

Consent Management: Ensuring Respect & Compliance  

  • Manual Handling: Effortlessly add, adjust, or remove consent, ensuring data compliance.  
  • Automation: Reduce admin work with efficient handling of opt-out requests, prioritizing your audience's preferences.  

Intuitive SMS Editor: Enhancing User Experience  

  • Edit Tab: Incorporate personalization tokens, diverse links, text previews, and more.  
  • Settings & Send Tabs: From naming conventions and campaign links to efficient sending options, every detail has been refined.  


Sales Hub  

Exciting New Features in Sales Hub You Won't Want to Miss!  

Sales is all about staying a step ahead and having the right tools to ensure your strategies are effective. Sales Hub has just rolled out some features that promise not only to refine your selling process but also to boost your results.  


The Prospecting Workspace: Your One-Stop Hub for Prospecting  

  • Dedicated workspace for overseeing prospecting activities.  
  • Efficiently conduct A/B testing in sequences.  
  • Streamlined platform for tracking, strategizing, and optimizing.  

AI Forecasting and Deal Inspection: The Future of Deal Management  

  • Move beyond manual predictions and deal evaluations with the introduction of AI Forecasting and Deal Inspection tools.  
  • Stay ahead with smart deal management tools designed to accelerate revenue growth.  

Deal Journey Analytics  

  • Introduction of lead funnel reports.  
  • Increased Transparency of lead conversion process  

HubSpot Embed for Salesforce  

  • Build remarkable connections with your prospects and customers through Sales Hub, irrespective of your CRM choice.  
  • Directly enroll contacts into HubSpot Sequences and set up meetings from Salesforce records.  
  • Minimizes tab-hopping and maximizes productivity (also available in Service Hub)  


CMS Hub  

Revolutionizing Your Online Presence: Unveiling CMS Hub's New Features!  

The digital world never stops evolving, and neither does HubSpot's CMS Hub! For those who've always believed in pushing the boundaries of content management and website design, HubSpot's latest innovations are a game-changer.  


AI Website Builder: Streamlining Website Creation  

  • Transforms traditional website building experience, introducing a single-page, AI-enhanced setup.  
  • Drastically reduces the decision-making process, enabling swift and intuitive website setup.  

AI-Generated Social Copy Within Blog Editor: Boosting Social Engagement  

  • Allows for seamless social post generation.  
  • Users can create social posts on sidebar without leaving the blog editor.  

AI-Powered Blog Posts Generator with SEMrush Data  

  • This user-friendly feature is designed to inspire and assist with your blogging journey (also available in Marketing Hub). 
  • generating blog topics is now effortless thanks to capabilities of ChatGPT and embellished with keyword data from SEMrush 

AI Content Assistant for Pages & Blogs  

  • This function has been added to the settings field across website pages, landing pages, and blogs.  
  • With a simple click, you can now generate SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions.  
  • Built-in AI image generation based on a given prompt  


Service Hub  

Achieving Peak Customer Service: Introducing New Features in Service Hub!  

In customer service, having tools that streamline interactions is essential. HubSpot's Service Hub has always been at the forefront of enhancing customer service experiences, and with the introduction of its latest features, the platform is set to take your service game to new heights. Here’s what's new:  


Conversation Summary: A New Look at Active Threads  

  • All-in-One View: Get an overview of conversations from all channels right in the active threads.  
  • Swift Context: This feature provides a concise summary in the comment section, allowing inbox users to quickly grasp the context without scrolling through each message.  

Content Assistant in Inbox: Revolutionizing Responses  

  • Multifaceted Assistance: From crafting replies to customer inquiries to editing texts, the content assistant is your one-stop solution.  
  • Adaptable Editing: Opt to rewrite, shorten, expand, or even change the tone of selected text as per your needs.  
  • Consistency Maintained: Ensure every response aligns with the desired tone and content, maintaining brand consistency.  


Operations Hub  

Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Spotlight on Operations Hub's New Features!  

Operations Hub has always been about optimizing business processes and ensuring seamless management. But with the latest AI-powered upgrades, HubSpot takes it above and beyond! Here’s a glimpse of the new additions:  


AI-Assisted Report Description 

  • Effortless Descriptions: Adding and editing report descriptions is now more intuitive than ever.  
  • AI at Your Service: Enjoy a streamlined process aided by artificial intelligence that guides you to craft precise report descriptions swiftly.  

AI-Generated Reports  

  • Ask and You Shall Receive: Need a report? Simply pose a question and let the Generative AI in HubSpot craft it for you.  
  • Simplifying Complexities: Building the perfect report to decipher business intricacies is now a breeze.  

AI-Generated Workflow Descriptions  

  • Clear Overview: It's challenging to quickly understand the purpose of a workflow, especially with numerous workflows in a portal.  
  • No More Guesswork: With generative AI, you won't have to manually summarize workflows. Generate concise descriptions, edit, or recreate new ones, ensuring clarity for all users.  


Commerce Hub  

Revolutionizing B2B E-commerce: Introducing the All-New Commerce Hub!  

Out with the old and in with the new! Commerce Hub (formally known as the commerce tool) is here to redefine how B2B Small and Medium-sized Businesses operate. The freshly revamped platform focuses on streamlining the opportunity-to-revenue journey. It accelerates payments, boosts revenue, and saves precious time. Let’s see what Commerce Hub has in store for us:  


Core Advantages:  

  • Get Paid Faster: Features an easy-to-navigate toolset aimed at speeding up the time it takes to turn opportunities into payments.  
  • Increase Revenue: Enables your teams to identify and capitalize on new avenues for revenue generation.  
  • Automatization: Comes loaded with automated features to cut down on manual billing chores.  


  • Create with Ease: HubSpot payments merchants can now easily create native invoices. These can be originated from Contacts, Companies, Deals, or Quotes.  
  • Human Error Minimized: Invoices pull in associated object information, mitigating the risk of mistakes.  
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Whether it’s HubSpot Payments, Stripe Integration, wire transfer, or even manual marking for payments received through other means like PayPal or checks, Commerce Hub has it all covered.  

Stripe Integration:  

  • Flexible Payment Processing: Commerce Hub now integrates with Stripe, allowing swift and seamless collection of payments.  
  • CRM-Integrated: All this is directly woven into the HubSpot CRM, making your life even more comfortable.  

These new features aren't just improvements; they're significant strides toward a more intuitive, efficient, and results-driven inbound strategy. As businesses eagerly integrate these updates into their processes, one thing is clear: HubSpot continues to pioneer the path of innovation, ensuring that its community remains at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. Until INBOUND 2024, let's harness the power of these tools and elevate our engagement, growth, and impact. If you have any questions regarding the new features or are interested in getting more out of the HubSpot platform, let us know! 


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