HubSpot & Tiktok: Lead Gen CRM Integration for B2B Marketing

Joshua Beckham

Joining Forces

HubSpot and TikTok have kick-started an exciting collaboration between one of the fastest growing social media apps and HubSpot's Smart CRM. Both companies are enabling businesses to deploy ads on TikTok while simultaneously syncing leads directly to their HubSpot Smart CRM. The integration features include:

  • Capturing leads instantly
  • Integrating without code in less than 10 minutes
  • Driving immediate action for your teams

TikTok ads integrate with the HubSpot CRM Contact activity and Contact management features.

TikTok: The B2B Goldmine

TikTok attracts people of all ages. Though most of its users range in the teens, roughly 30% of its users are 35+ years old. This may not sound like much, but with how massive TikTok has become this totals up to around 110 million people. There is so much potential for B2B marketers with Tiktok, as all of these users spend an average of almost 1.5 hours on the app daily.

According to a Brafton survey 61% of B2B marketers are using TikTok, and 72% of those B2B marketers have achieved their desired goals. Additionally, around 80% of small business owners have received a positive ROI through their TikTok campaigns.

TikTok Use Cases

Monday is a perfect example of a company who knows how to effectively use TikTok for B2B marketing. Monday has a unique approach to their videos because they don't use branded content. Their entire strategy revolves around using trending audios, challenges, and hashtags. In these videos, they promote the collaboration platform's features and benefits. They also share snippets of their teams worklife and showcase organizational culture.


With over 5 million likes and 30 million views, it's safe to say Adobe has a pretty solid grasp on the TikTok B2B Strategy. Their approach involves posting engaging tutorial videos and challenges, giving their consumers the knowledge needed to get the most out of their tools. By doing so, they are simultaneously showcasing the vast capabilities of their product.


The collaboration between HubSpot and TikTok is a game-changer for B2B marketing. It allows businesses to seamlessly generate leads on TikTok and integrate them into HubSpot's CRM system effortlessly. TikTok's wide appeal across age groups presents a massive opportunity for B2B marketers. With millions of users spending significant time on the platform daily, brands like Adobe and Monday have already seen success by showcasing their products creatively.

This integration streamlines lead generation and CRM management, offering marketers a powerful tool to engage with their audience effectively. By combining TikTok's reach with HubSpot's CRM capabilities, businesses can drive growth and establish meaningful connections with their prospects in today's competitive landscape.

If you're looking to capitalize on the opportunities brought by this integration, contact us today! Here at Demand Machine, our team specializes in helping businesses like yours thrive with HubSpot.


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