Why You Should Be Using HubSpot Chatbots

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In today's always-on digital landscape, every business should aim to provide top-tier customer service. One way to up your customer service game is to effectively utilize chatbots. HubSpot’s Chatbot Builder is an easy-to-use tool designed to supercharge your customer support. This guide is your all-access pass to understanding how HubSpot chatbots can transform your customer service from good to great, as well as how to start utilizing them.

Why Use Chatbots?

Your website visitors, prospects, and customers usually have the expectation to be able to connect with you almost anytime of the day. You would think that most of these people would prefer to talk to a human-being about their problems, right? Studies show that 74% of people prefer to talk to chatbots when looking for instant answers.

For most buisnesses, supporting one-on-one conversations can be quite challenging at scale. With HubSpot's free chatbot builder, users can create messenger bots with ease. These bots can help you qualify leads, create support tickets by sending a series of questions and automated responses, and even book meetings. HubSpot chatbots are used to gather intitial information about a visitor before one of your team members takes over. Your team will then have more time to focus on the conversions demanding the most attention.

Free Plan v. Service Hub Pro


Before you begin creating your first chatbot, it’s important to know what tools you have at your disposal. With just the free plan, you have the ability to create task-oriented bots that send visitors through a predefined series of questions. These bots are rigid, and don’t change based on the conversation the customer wants to have. The types of chatbots available with the free plan include:

  • Live Chat: Connects visitors with live chat agents based on their availability, facilitating immediate human interaction.
  • Qualify Leads Bot: Asks routine qualifying questions to visitors before they are connected to a live agent, streamlining the lead qualification process.
  • Meetings Bot: Tasked with scheduling meetings with your team for specific occasions, such as sales or onboarding, making the process of booking meetings efficient and straightforward.
  • Tickets Bot: Collects customer query information and creates a support ticket for follow-up, ensuring that all customer issues are addressed in a timely manner.
Service Hub Pro

On the other hand, with Service Hub Professional ($500/mo) you get access to more dynamic, AI powered chatbots. With AI bots you can provide a GPT-powered chat experience on the forefront of your website. These are much more fluid and can give the visitor their more desired responses. This is because conversational AI can respond to visitor inqueries through the utilization of a knowledge base, while providing more human-like responses. Other bots that require Service Hub Pro include:

  • Knowledge Base + Live Chat: Combines the instant support capability of live chat agents with a chatbot familiar with your knowledge base. Visitors have the freedom to choose between interacting with a live agent or getting help from the chatbot, ensuring they receive the desired form of assistance for their needs.
  • Concierge Bot: Action-based and designed to provide visitors with options either to speak to a live agent or perform specific tasks. It guides visitors to the help or information they're seeking, offering a more personalized interaction experience.
  • Knowledge Base + Support Bot: This conversational AI is capable of handling support queries without the need for live agents. It leverages your knowledge base to provide accurate and helpful answers, making it possible to offer round-the-clock support without additional human resources.
  • Offline Bot: Similar to the Knowledge Base + Support Bot but operates when your team is offline. It ensures that your customers receive timely assistance, even outside of your business hours, providing a continuous support experience.

Creating Chatbots

Now that you know what kind of chatbot you want, it’s time to make one. Creating HubSpot chatbots is very straightforward, regardless of your experience as a developer. This is because the entire process has been designed without the need for any script-writing. HubSpot's Chatbot Builder has built-in templates that help users familiarize themselves with the creation process. To get started, all you need to do is:

1. Choose a template based on your bot's goal

2. Use the visual editor to customize the conversion, matching it to your brand.

3. Add your questions and copy.

The chatbot will then appear as a chat widget on your website pages. If needed, learn more about how to use the HubSpot Chatbot Builder.

Personalization & Data Sync

The chatbot software will seamlessly integrate with your HubSpot Smart CRM, so your bots will deliver personalized messages based on existing contact data. On the flipside, any data collected by your chatbots will also be synced back to your CRM, giving you a complete view of every single engagement.

Use Case

An example of a company successfully crafting personalized chatbots is Digitopia, a HubSpot Solutions Partner marketing agency. One of their most popular use of chatbots was a meetings bot, allowing prospects to book a meeting directly with a sales representative. One of their IT clients wished to offer visitors a free 30-minute consultation, with its CTO answering any questions they might’ve had. There was no sales pitch, just a free-flowing conversation and the sharing of expertise. The meeting bot had the calendly invite living natively within itself, so the visitor won’t get redirected to a landing page to book a time. Since the implementation of this meeting bot, Digitopia has experienced a 40% increase in qualified meetings booked.


By integrating HubSpot’s chatbot technology, companies can refine how they connect with customers. These chatbots automate initial interactions and provide support around the clock, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues. Whether you start with the basic offerings of the free plan or explore the advanced possibilities with Service Hub Professional, these tools offer significant benefits in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Embracing HubSpot chatbots is a smart choice for any business looking to improve its customer service. It's a step towards a future where customer interactions are more efficient, yet still impactful. With the right strategy and tools, elevating your customer service is more than possible.

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